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Before you choose to have intercourse or on the off chance that you are as of now engaging in sexual relations, you have to realize how to remain sound. Regardless of whether you think you know all that you have to think about sex, take a couple of moments and read on. Your PCP needs to ensure you know the realities.


No one ought to ever be compelled to have intercourse! In the event that you are ever compelled to have intercourse, it’s critical to never accuse yourself and to tell a grown-up you trust as quickly as time permits.

Not utilizing liquor and medications will assist you with settling on more clear decisions about sex. Such a large number of youngsters engage in sexual relations without significance to when they drink liquor or use drugs.


Sex can transform you and connections. Engaging in sexual relations may influence the manner in which you feel about yourself or how others feel about you.

Numerous teenagers think holding up until they are prepared to engage in sexual relations is significant. The opportune time is distinctive for every teenager. For instance, a few teenagers might need to hold up until they are more seasoned (grown-ups); different adolescents might need to hold up until they feel their relationship is prepared.


You may feel that your relationship is prepared when:

  • You can be totally legitimate and trust the other individual, and the other individual can confide in you.
  • You can chat with the individual about troublesome themes, for example, emotions, different connections, and if the individual has had sexually transmitted disease. (STD)
  • You can be dependable, ensuring yourself and your accomplice against STIs and pregnancy with condoms and conception prevention.
  • You can regard the other individual’s choices about not engaging in sexual relations and about utilizing security.
  • Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are infatuated or truly like somebody, you may overlook the indications of an unfortunate relationship.


The accompanying signs mean your relationship isn’t prepared for sex:

  • Your accomplice is envious or possessive. For instance, your accomplice keeps you from investing energy with your family or different companions, writings or texts you continually, or checks your mobile phone to see who you are chatting with.
  • Your accomplice constrains you to engage in sexual relations and will not see your perspective.
  • Your accomplice controls you by either tormenting you or taking steps to hurt himself in the event that you cut off the association.


 There’s not all that much on the off chance that you choose to pause. Not every person is having intercourse. Half of all adolescents in the United States have never had intercourse. On the off chance that you choose to pause, stay with your choice. Plan ahead how you are going to state no so you are obviously comprehended. Avoid circumstances that can prompt sex.


Here are reasons why holding back to engage in sexual relations bodes well:

  • Sex can prompt pregnancy. It is safe to say that you are prepared to be pregnant or turn into a teenaged parent? It’s a colossal obligation. Is it true that you are ready to give food, dress, and a protected home for your child?
  • Sex has wellbeing dangers. A ton of contaminations can be spread during sex. sexually transmitted disease incorporate chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, HIV (the infection that causes AIDS), human papillomavirus (HPV), or syphilis.
  • Sex can prompt enthusiastic agony and interruptions. You may feel tragic or irate on the off chance that you let somebody pressure you into engaging in sexual relations when you’re not so much prepared. You additionally may feel miserable or irate on the off chance that you decide to engage in sexual relations however your accomplice leaves you. Your accomplice may even tell others that you had intercourse with her.

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It is observed often after a break up partners (sexually active) report of extreme guilt, regrets and feelings of being cheated and used. They feel symptoms of anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, PTSD, sleep disturbances; this leads to academic, professional or family problems.  It is important to understand that getting active sexually in any relationship, doesn’t guarantee a lifelong commitment. Foundation for a stable and committed relationship lies in compatibility, love, respect, empathy and adjustments.

People always try hard to get out of this. They try their best to keep them anxiety-free, try to feel positive emotions but sometimes fail to rectify issues? Team UDAGM, the clinical psychologist expert in counselling, will be your real friend and will help to manage your problems diligently.

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Hope, Health & Happiness 😇

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