Depressive Disorder

You feel so lonely

And you start to cry

But nobody understands

Nobody sees

Just how broken you really are.


About depression

Depression is a mood disorder, and shows persistent symptoms of low mood for 2 weeks affecting person’s daily activities. It affects all age group and gender. But there are differences in presentation, severity and prognosis of illness. 20-40 age groups are most vulnerable age group, highest among individuals between 18 and 25, but it doesn’t spare child and adolescent’s age group and elderly population. It affects more female than male. Sometimes it has auto remission of course and wanes its symptoms gradually but many more suffer badly. Depressive disorder may recurrent episode and one can predict it. Yes few vulnerable factors are there those can support to predict the relapse of symptoms. Depressive episode can be a part of bipolar illness. But mostly it occur its own course.


Prevalence of depression ranges from 20% -25% in women and 7% – 12% in men, higher among adult females (9%) compared to males (6%), 9-10% of adolescent age group.


  • Feeling low energy most of the time despite good physical health,
  • Remain in low mood,
  • low interest level in previously pleasurable activities, communication with friends and family, decreased interaction with others, study, work, sexual activities, exercises,
  • Remain irritated, frequent anger, aggressive behavior,
  • Sleep disturbances,
  •  Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Feels worthless that I am useless,
  • Hopeless that future is very pessimistic,
  • Helpless that no one will help to improve his or her present condition.
  • Frequent guilt feeling,
  • Frequent death wish that is I should die; I am burden on my family,
  • Suicidal ideation frequent rumination of suicide, where, when and how should I commit,

Apart from this patient has, body pain, headache, loss of appetite or increased appetite (in very few person), decreased attention and concentration, problems in taking decision, forgetfulness, anxiety, restlessness.

How is Depression Different from Sadness?

Sadness is temporary condition and associated with some stressors. It goes automatically in days. It does not affect much on other activities. Appetite, sleep, interest remain same. But depression is a persistent low mood and associated with other symptoms.

Possible reasons of depression:

Most of the episode not associated with any kind of stressors. but Relationship problems, financial loss, job loss or dissatisfaction may be reasons.

Medical illness can cause depression like postpartum, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer, few neurological illnesses, and many more. There are few Biochemical changes like low serotonin, low dopamine level, increased cortisol level, is usually seen.

How it affects:

if remain untreated affects personal, family, professional domain of life like Marriage life,  relationship problems, friendship, job, finances, decreased performances, suicide are also common.

Myths about treatment:

People think medicines are very addictive and usually have hypnotics, how medicine or counseling will help? They also think depression is only a mental thought, will be fine automatically, go and tour, eat good, do party.


Depression is treatable, with talking therapies or antidepressant medication or a combination of these. It reduces suffering, duration of illness, and prevents relapses in future. Few anti depressants medicines are really helpful. Psychotherapy with well qualified psychologist is very vital component of treatment.  Cognitive behavior therapy, stress management, improvement of coping skills, mindfulness, meditation, yoga’s are helpful

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How UDGAM will help in treatment

People try their best to keep and correct the low mood and depression but fail to manage these ailments. Team UDAGM, the clinical psychologist expert in counseling, will be your real friend and will help to manage your depression and will try to take out from this debilitating symptoms.

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Hope, Health & Happiness 😇

Online Psychiatric Consultation | Online Therapy and Psychiatry Services

Hope, Health & Happiness 😇

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