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Lockdown has kept you mentally disturbed, so read these tips

According to psychiatrists, due to lockdown and quarantine, the mental state of people has started to deteriorate slightly compared to earlier. People are now contacting a psychiatrist and a psychologist regarding anxiety disorder, depression.

 Lockdown-3 is currently underway in the country due to Coronavirus infection. Most hospitals in the country are either closed or doctors are not coming in them. The emotionally broken man is upset and shocked during the lockdown. In such a situation, people need a good counselor who can give them the right guidance. Psychologists and psychiatrists say that people are complaining about various types of illness during lockdown. Someone says that every night there is a corona in the dream, then one is not able to sleep overnight because of fear. If someone dreams that he has missed his job, then someone is afraid of loss in business.

Depression is troubling people during lockdown
According to doctors, due to lockdown and quarantine, the mental condition of some people suffering from insecurity has started deteriorating more than before. People are contacting psychiatrist and psychologist regarding anxiety disorder, depression. Regarding this, doctors believe that there are many types of depression. Depressions are occurring even during lockdown and there were also depressions before lockdown, but at this time cases related to uncertainty, fear of job loss and financial loss have started coming up.

People have increased panic during lockdown

According to psychiatrists, earlier they were not man factors. Earlier, sadness, not talking to people, coming to suicide tendencies, eating less food, patients of disease like sickness were more, but now you have to stay at home, then you will not even talk to your child. If your children are playing in front of you, they will not let you be sad. These types of patients are coming now and then, but now during the lockdown people have become nervous. There is a lot of difficulty in sleeping. Many kinds of insecurity have settled in the mind.

Most people are afraid of financial insecurity
In such a situation, people surrounded by mental depression are messaging on Facebook and social sites and asking for help. Vishal, director of Avant Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, who knows social science and psychology, says, “Any situation in which restrictions are imposed on you distracts the mind and brings frustration.” You cannot do what you want to do and you are living a life in the midst of differences. The situation arising out of the restrictions has a serious impact on the state of mind of the people. Some people are forced to stay in homes, some fear of infection of corona virus, some worry about losing their jobs and others are suffering the burden of other financial insecurities. When you define the terms related to society, in this situation you want to meet with peers or family, and also want to connect with other social dimensions. But if you are stopped from doing all this and there is nothing to do, then with loneliness, many more fears are perpetrated. ‘

What does a psychiatrist say
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, a psychiatrist of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj in East Delhi, says, “During lockdown people have to take care of many things. Special care should be taken to ensure that there is no problem in sleeping. Eat a balanced diet. People should drink more and more water, which will increase your immunity power. Take special care of the amount of vitamin in the food. People who are taking medicines on the advice of doctors, make a daily chart and follow the advice of the doctor. People who enjoy dancing, singing, sports, paintings and watching TV, keep themselves busy with them. This will make them feel happy. Those who are students should keep themselves busy in academic work everyday.

People have to keep themselves busy
Rajesh Kumar further says, ‘During lockdown people have been associated with their parents, friends. Stay connected with your family while maintaining social distancing. To keep you connected with spirituality, be engaged in worship at home. Do yoga and exercise at home to keep yourself healthy. This will make you sleep better. Do not do stress-related exercises until four hours before bedtime. Try writing a diary daily. With whom you will remain mentally healthy and always try to be happy.

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